Turkey and its beautiful culture

At Family Chiropractor Moline a person from Turkey was telling me that Turkey is an Islamic country. It is located on southeastern Europe and southwestern Asia, more part in Europe and lesser part in Asia. Ankara a great city is capital of Turkey. Turkish culture is very diverse and rich and its roots are embedded in Middle East. In Turkey 99.8% are Muslims and rest of 0.2% are Christians and Jews. Turkey is a democratic country. Literacy rate in Turkey is 95% which is comprised upon 98.4% male and 91.8% female and 6.6% of other gender.

Official language of turkey is Turkish. Turkish is spoken by 90% of Turks. Arabic, Greek, Armenian, Judezmo and Kurdish are also spoken by minorities.

Islam is practiced by all Turks (Muslims). This is exactly as same as in Saudi Arabia. Muslims pray 5 times a day (5 prayers is compulsion and 3 are optional). They fast and recite Quran. They have belief that Muhammad SAW was last prophet of Allah and Quran is last book sent to Ummah of Muhammad SAW from Allah and this Ummah is last Ummah on earth. One day this universe will demolish and Day of Judgment will come.

Turks shake hand when greet someone, this is very general practice. They kiss on both cheeks or sometimes on one cheek when meet someone. They say” Assalam- Alaykum” when meet someone and next person say “Walykum Assalam” in response. When they go to shop or meet someone on walk or in office etc in morning, at end of conversation they say “have a good day”. They give gifts to each other on special occasions and when they visit someone’s home they bring to him flowers or sweets of good quality. If the person has children then bring some good quality and expensive chocolate or candies to children.

They always give respect to their elders. They meet theirs elders first when get back to home. They kiss on elder’s right hand and place forehead on hand after kissing a hand. This is a great way to show respect.

Turkish cuisine is very famous around the world and is best of top three cuisines of world as Chinese and French. They eat fresh fruits, cheese, olives, omelet, toast, and drink fresh juices and milk in breakfast and after a Turkish tea. Turkish tea is very famous around the globe. Their diet includes soups, salads and many more mouthwatering dishes. Stew, roasted chicken, bakery items are very famous around globe.

Attractions of Thailand

During my visit to Vancouver BC tree cutting, i saw a Thai Friend who was working in there. Upon my request he told me that Thailand is one of most popular destination of the world. Thailand is full of thick forests, clear waterfalls, crystal blue beaches and many historic places. People in Thailand are very friendly and they enjoy every occasion with whole heart. They practiced Buddhism as roots of its culture are strongly embedded in ethnic Thai people which were followers of Buddhism. Their cultural values are very rich and they adhere with them. Thailand is famous for its culture and beautiful places which attract the tourists but the only trouble that tourists have come across is language problem (Thai language).

Erawan Falls:

Erawan fall is gemmed in Erawan National Park in Thailand. Erawan water fall is complete seven series of impressive water falls that fall on limestone cliff. This is most attractive place in park and one of the most likely visited places at weekend by visitors.

Floating Market:

Floating market of Bangkok and near Bangkok are wonderful tourist attractions. Amphawa market is one of the famous floating markets in Bangkok which attract foreign tourists. This market is heavily crowded in evening and people come and buy food and sometimes take a boat and go on viewing more canals and river that are about 1.5 hour to visit.

Wat Arun:

Wat Arun is temple of Hinduism in Bangkok. The name Arun is derived from name of Hindu God Aruna which represented by radiations of sun rise. It is very beautiful temple which is decorated with colorful seashells and porcelain.

Chiang Mai Night Market:

Chiang Mia Night Market is shoppers’ heaven. In morning, only hotels, restaurants, branded outlets, food iconic symbols of McDonald, Burger King and Starbucks are found. In night this place became a totally different place which has branded to local items (cloths), street food and much more. Bargaining with shopkeepers’ is trend or a game in Thailand. One can bargain up to 20%-30% of the total asking price.  

Culture of Afghanistan

I met a person who visited Afghanistan many times. We were together at Women dentist in Syracuse NY who later told me that Afghanistan is located in southern Asia. It share border with Iran in east and Pakistan in North and west. Kabul is capital of Afghanistan. The population of Afghanistan is consist upon 42% Pashtun, 27% Tajik, 9% Hazara, 9% Uzbek, 4% Aimak, 3% Turkmen, 2% Baloch and other 4%. Sunni Muslims 80%, Shia Muslims 19% and 1% others live in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is 42nd most populous country in the world. People of Afghanistan are called “Afghani”

Pashtu and Dari (Indo-European) languages are official languages of Afghanistan. Pashtu is spoken by 35% of Afghanis while 50% of population speaks Dari. 11% of Afghanis speak Turkic language. The concept of Bilingualism is very common in this country.

Afghanistan is an Islamic country. They practice Islam in every aspect of their lives; in political, economic, social, personal and legal lives. They (Muslims) offer prayers five times a day and observe fast in Holy month of Ramadan. During fast they are not allowed to eat, drink and chew anything. They do so at time of Iftar (when Maghrib Prayer is called).

Afghanis shake hand when meet but hand shaking activity is only allowed in same gender. Women and men are not allowed to shake hand or have an eye contact. While woman shake hand and kiss on both checks while hug each other is seen. Mixing of both genders is not considered good as it is prohibited in Islam. Mixing of genders is only allowed in families. In professional life mixing is also seen but they maintain the respectful cautions for each other. Talking in street is considered so odd and disrespectful way. Women generally lower their eyes whiling walking in public and avoid to wear the dresses that catch the public attention. Lose dresses are advised to wear in Islam that does not prominent the body features.

Family bonding is very strong among them. They live with their parents and grandparents under one roof. Head of family is the eldest person of the family and he has rights to take decisions and everyone else in family is obliged to obey him. Going against the decision is very dishonoring behavior and is not acceptable. Marriages are arranged by the family. Concept of love marriage is very rare as it is considered ok in some regions.

The cuisines are always great and important part of any region or country. The cuisines of Afghanistan are amazing and mouthwatering as well as so healthy. They eat so many cereals and meat cooked in different styles. Palaos of Afghanistan are very famous. They eat with their right hand and sit on floor; serve food on plastic or food cloth and cushions are set on floor. They set on cushions with cross legged or as easy way they want but never faced your feet to the other person sitting opposite to you. As it is consider disrespecting the food and other person. They are very hostile people. it’s always a great experience of visitors to visit Afghanistan.

Mental And Physical Benefits Of Travel

Cultures around the world are so varied and interesting that you may just very well adopt some as you travel and learn more about the different ways of life. A voyager who visits Europe or South America, for instance, might be allured by the possibility of the evening break, and conclude that it’s the ideal type of noontime stress relief. A visit to Italy may acquaint an explorer with a conventional after-supper walk.This direct post-dinner practice can be a suitable answer for weight control. At the point when eating at an eatery in Madrid, you may find that bread is presented with olive oil rather than jam. It’s a delicious option that you can undoubtedly try on your arrival, and you may even adopt it. You may even become healthier because of it.

Conquering misfortune, making associations and changing yourself are three regular subjects in anecdotal and real travel experience. Other than the spiritual and physical changes, you would also be able to learn some cognitive knowledge from your experience as you travel around the world. There are such a large number of intriguing home remedy cures and wholesome nourishments around the globe that we don’t frequently catch wind of at home. Frequently, the best way to discover this wellbeing and youth-improving sustenance is through travel. Making a trip to discover uncommon organic products covered in the wild of a remote land may sound somewhat insane. Be that as it may, there are more open approaches to discovering these things out and about, such as through rancher’s business sectors, little towns, spas, and a health vacation spot. Not only does traveling open your eyes to new experiences which are good for your mental health, your physical health would improve at the same time. So go out there and play.


Want To Know More About Travel Agent

Many individuals are misty about the travel business. Travel specialists are regularly thought to be the same as land operators. Turning into a travel specialist or all the more particularly a locally established travel operator is an energizing profession change or retirement choice. A few people do it full time while many do it as low maintenance business. A travel specialist books go for clients and is paid by providers a commission on the booking. For appointments that providers don’t pay a commission on, a travel operator likewise can charge the customer an administration expense for his/her time.

An illustration is if you somehow happened to book a lodging for a customer, the inn would then send a check to the organization after the customer looked at. Most lodgings pay 10% of the cost of the inn before charges and expenses. A $100 every night lodging reservation would mean $10 a night for the travel operator who made the booking. This lodging would cost the same whether the client utilizes a travel specialist or books through the inn straightforwardly. By and large the travel specialist can show signs of improvement cost.

Will anybody do this? Keeping in mind the end goal to work with providers, you should have a record set up with the provider. Most require an organization to hold an IATAN, CLIA or ARC number. IATAN remains for International Airlines Travel Agent Network. CLIA remains for Cruise Lines International Association. Curve remains for Airline Reporting Corporation.

Each of these enrollments requires distinctive things including deals, cash in the bank, involvement or preparing in the business, and participation charges. Many will require Errors and Omissions protection of $1,000,000 or more. For the normal travel operator, enrollment is not a probability with a few associations so the specialist will collaborate with an organization and work as an autonomous operator or outside operator.